Koyda Ltd Directors update & outlook moving forward into 2023

5th February 2023


2023 sees the tail end of the projects that were ongoing through the pandemic, material prices are begining to return to some form of normality, although are are still the higher end of the pre pandemic spectrum.  Koyda Steel has managed to navigate 2022 well, arguably a tougher year than 2020 / 21, new exciting projects are on the horizon and we are very greatful to our valued staff and supply chain who were instrumental in helping us come out the other side.


During the pandemic period, we invested heavily in design and BIM capability which has given us the edge in being able to turn projects around from initial concept to site install.  The introdiction of Solidworks to our organisation along with fully trained tecnitions has also broadened our horizons with the products that we can now offer



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